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About Me

Hello, and welcome to my little hobby-filled corner of the internet!

My name is Haydn, but I browse the various online forums and platforms under the pseudonym of haychdee. I’m a painter, sculptor, and gamer, based in the glorious northern territories of Yorkshire, in the UK.

I’ve been in the hobby for over 20 years now, dipping my toes into various systems and creative avenues along the way. I enjoy painting, converting, sculpting, making terrain, peripherals, and now, 3D printing.

I enjoy the models and lore of many systems, and I like to keep myself busy with a variety of projects. However, Blood bowl became my main hobby focus, since picking it up back in 2017. You'll find a lot of the content on this site to be Blood Bowl-based, but skirmish games will always pique my interest, and I'm never opposed to the odd 40K or AoS figure from time to time.


This site allows me to sell 3D prints of the models I love, to those without the means to print them themselves. It's also a platform for me to sell my own unique creations, and showcase the models I've painted. And lastly, it's a place for me to write down my ramblings and reviews, in what will inevitably be a seldom updated blog.

If you'd like to follow me on my socials, they are down below. These are not strictly business accounts. These are my usual places where I share my hobby projects and tutorials. 

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