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Fellows of the Golden Band

Fellows of the Golden Band


Behold, the Fellows of the Golden Band!

Mandalf the Monochrome, a mighty Wizard

Walker the Ranger, a human from the north who might be a secret prince?

Bootlegolas the Elf, a skilled archer from the woods

Grimley the Dwarf, and his many axes

Barrymere the Fighter, a human warrior from the south and his mighty horn

Frobo, Stanwise, Matey and Poppin, the Halfling Friends

What a unique and completely non-copyrighted Companionship for your painting and gaming tables!


This set contains 9 fantastic monoposed figures, with a certain familiar fantasy flavour to them. 


No bases are included.


All miniatures in the pictures have been sculpted and painted by Alex Huntley.


    Our kits are printed in great detail, with high-quality, durable resin. For full details on the resin and the product care, please see the info link, or click here.


    Please note, that we take great care in our packaging. We use sturdy boxes, the models and parts are all separately packaged in grip-seal bags, and bundled up safely with bio-degradable bubble wrap. The integrity of the parcel rests solely with our fine Royal Mail employees.


    Unfortunately, refunds and returns are not offered. However, if models arrive and they have suffered damage, a replacement will be dispatched. To qualify for a replacement, the broken model or kits must be sent back to us (to which we’ll cover the costs to do).


    If you have any questions or queries about replacements, please drop us a message via the contact tab.


    If a kit is in stock, we will endeavour to pop it in the post within 48 hours. Occasionally, this may take a bit longer, and if it does, we’ll drop you a message to let you know.


    We only offer one postage option for our kits, which is ‘Tracked 24’ via Royal Mail. This is the fastest and safest way to get the models into your hands. It allows us to track the parcel, get informed of delays, and provide cover if it goes AWOL during transit.


    If you have purchased an item as a pre-order, it’ll come with its own timeframe. It may be that it’s simply out of stock, or it's part of an advanced order scheme for a new release. We will try to make estimated timelines as visible as possible.


    If you have any questions or queries about shipping or pre-orders, please drop us a message via the contact tab.

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